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Protect Your Paint
& Keep that Showroom Finish Longer!

We begin with a 7-Step Deep Refresh.

1.   Assess

Stop by our 335 Sherwee Dr location for a free thorough inspection of vehicle exterior — surface, color, finish, and problem areas.

2. Decontamination 
Hand Wash

Prime Time uses a dedicated car shampoo or rinseless wash to fully Remove Standing dirt and visible imperfections and older layers of wax (in some instances).

3. Iron Remove
& Fallout Removal

The Third step involves removing microscopic ferrous-based materials that can be embedded in the clear coating of vehicle paint. This involves using an Iron Remover (which is a chemical spray that dissolves about 85% of these contaminants in a few minutes).

4.   Clay Bar

The next step after Iron/fallout removal is clay bar. Clay Bar is used to remove hard-to-see surface imperfections and micro contaminates, Tree Sap, Bird Dropping, and Bugs. Clay bar should be completed by a professional detailer to avoid scratching.

5. Surface Prep Spray

Remove all existing waxes, finishes, and micro-particles down to paint layer

6.   Paint Correction

A multi-step process that gives your paint that mirror shine.

7.   Alcohol Bath 

Alcohol bath removes all paint correction compounds, waxes, finishes, and microparticles to Prepare all surfaces for that final Factory Fresh Finish

Paint Correction on a Tesla

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction involves using a compound or polish, pads, and an electric buffer/polisher to level the paint of a vehicle. 


Paint correcting eliminates swirls and imperfections from either factory or aged paint. Once completed, surface prep spray is used to remove oils and debris left by polishing compounds for a clean surface for the coating.


Then a detailer will apply a smooth, even coat of ceramic on every visible part of the vehicle. The ceramic coating amplifies what's underneath it, so any imperfections in the paint will be visible. Prime Time Mobile Detailing is a certified install of Ceramic Coating so you don’t have to worry about imperfections.

Step One, choose your level of Paint Correction Prep.


— Brand New Cars / Like New Paint  —

1 Step Polish to Increase Gloss

✓ Wash, Clean Wheels, Clean Glass
✓ Fallout Iron Removal w/Clay bar & 1 Step Polish to increase Gloss

$150 — Cars
$200 — Suv's/Trucks/Vans

Quick Summary: This package should be selected for a vehicles that doesn't have no scratches, swirls  or issues with paint. The Primary purpose for this package is to shine vehicle to mirror like image and decontaminate before Ceramic Coating.

Paint Correction

— Vehicles 2+ Years old or over 40k miles —

Glossy + Multi Level Scratch & Swirl Paint Correction.

✓ Wash, Clean Wheels, Clean Glass
✓ Iron & Fallout removal w/Clay bar & Multi-stage Dual Action Compound Polish
✓ Removes Wash Lines, Marring, Holograms, And Minor Scratches & Swirls
✓ Increase Color Depth & Gloss


$500 — Cars
$600 — Suv's/Trucks/Vans

Quick Summary: This Package is the most recommended Correction for vehicles over 2+ Years old or 40k or more miles with light paint correction issues. Stop by our 335 Sherwee Dr Suite 101, Raleigh, NC location for a free assessment. 


— Vehicles 5+ Years old or over 100k miles —

Worst case scenario 

✓ Just Fix Everything
✓ Concourse Level Paint Correction
✓ Removal of all Correctable Defects Via Wet Sand & Polish
✓ Touch up Paint Included

$900 — Cars
$1,000 — Suv's/Trucks/Vans

Quick Summary: Concourse Level Paint Correction is for Vehicles with worst case Paint Issues. If you’re not sure Stop by our 335 Sherwee Dr Suite 101, Raleigh, NC location for a free assessment. 

Step Two, choose your level of Ceramic Coating

Finally, schedule your Yearly  Ceramic Boost!

Refresh your Ceramic Coating for only $150

Oh, and if you want your interior to look as good as your exterior, get this!


( 1 Year Protection )

Every surface inside the car will be coated
 Single coat of Leather
 Single coat of Textile
 Single Coat on Plastic trim
 Single Coat of Rubber


Ceramics Package

*Paint Correction service is an additional cost based on the condition of the vehicle past our recommended scratch and swirl removal. Any stage scratch or swirl remover may require polish for older vehicles for paint correction. Warranty available with annual maintenance package purchase which includes SIO2 Spray 1-time a year, failure to do maintenance plan will void warranty. All warranties are applicable only to the original owner and purchaser of a Ceramics Package.

Spray Ceramic Coating

- 6 Month Warranty -

Spray Ceramic offers hydrophobicity, dirty will just fall off with water.

Single Layer Of Spray Ceramic Finish on:
✓ All exterior paint, headlights & plastic
✓ All Wheel Rim Faces
✓ Outside Windows
✓6 Month Warranty

$75 — Cars
$100 — Suv's/Trucks/Vans

Quick Summary: Spray Ceramic offers hydrophobicity, dirty will just fall off with water. Cleaning your car will become a breeze after getting our Spray ceramic coating. Spray Ceramics Outshines & Outlasts Waxes and Sealants- Water Repellent (similar to Rain-x But for your entire car)  - but doesn’t offers any type of scratch protection!



Superb Self Cleaning Effect
Road Contaminants & Bugs won’t stick 

One Layer Of Ceramic Coating Finish on:
✓ All exterior paint, headlights & plastic
✓ Outside Windows
✓ Two Year Warranty

Quick Summary: Superb Cleaning, No scrubbing required when washing your car, The Primary purpose of this Ceramic Coating is to block bugs, sap, Road Contaminants and dirt from sticking to your vehicle paint.  This doesn’t offers any type of scratch protection!

Ceramic Coating

— Five Year Warranty —

Base Level Scratch Resistance - Self Cleaning Effect - Hydrophobic 

Two Layer Of 9H Ceramic Coating Finish on:
✓ All exterior paint, headlights & plastic
✓ Outside Windows
✓ Rim Faces

✓ Five Year Warranty

Quick Summary: This Base level Ceramic Coating is the most recommended option for people who plan on keeping their vehicle for 3 - 5 Years. This option protects against light Scratches, bug acids, road contaminants

Diamond Ceramic Coating

—Lifetime Warranty —

Like a Diamond with Unmatched Gloss Color Clarity - Chemical & Scratch Resistance - Hydrophobic 

Five Layer Of 10H Ceramic Coating Finish on:
✓ All exterior paint, headlights & plastic
✓ Rim Faces
✓ Outside Windows
✓ Lifetime Warranty

Quick Summary: The Diamond package should be selected for a vehicles that you want shining like a Diamond for decades to come, it's also the ultimate dirt repellent & Scratch & Swirl protection

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
15+ years of trusted, 5-star rated service

You may be thinking...

🤓  What is Ceramic Coating?

The ceramic coating provides an extra layer of protection to your car’s body. Prime Time Mobile Detailing is a certified installer of Ceramic Pro. 9H Ceramic coating is specifically designed to block foreign matter and prevent it from scratching or causing damage to your vehicle. Our ceramic coating is glossy and superhydrophobic, repelling dirt and water and resistant to scratches, chips and swirls. It also blocks the majority of contaminants you might encounter while on the road. 10H Diamond ceramic coatings test for abrasion, impact resistance, adhesion, oxidation, gloss, UV resistance, yellowing, drying times, chemical resistance  and more. And all of these tests and features are important aspects in a 10H ceramic coating. 10H is definitely harder than 9H.

🤔  Why get a ceramic coating?

The biggest advantage of Ceramic coating is that it protects your car longer. Traditional car coatings like wax or sealants may offer some protection, but they do wear off with time, especially when exposed to the harsh elements. Ceramic coating, on the other hand, hardens with time and builds a protective shield around your car which can last for years.


At Prime Time Mobile Detailing, our Ceramic coating have unrivaled hardiness which prevents any contaminants from sticking to the surface of your car. This ensures your car preserves its pristine state. Additionally, the ceramic coating protects against UV Rays that can oxidize the car’s paint, as well as the harmful effects of acidic rain, bird droppings or tree sap that may stay or etch the paint.

🚗  The Ceramic coating process (step-by-step)...

The time it takes to apply the ceramic coating depends on the vehicle size, its condition, as well as the coating package of your choice. Typically, we can complete the ceramic coating application on newer vehicles faster than on older ones (as the older cars may require a paint correction and a decontamination to restore the surfaces to a like-new condition).


Usually, the ceramic application will take anywhere between 4 and 8 hours to complete (exact times may vary based on specific circumstances). In case your vehicle requires a multi-stage paint correction, the process may take longer and additional costs may be incurred. At Prime Time Mobile Detail, we make sure to provide accurate quotes as soon as we have completed vehicle inspection to ensure transparency.

Once the vehicle is coated, we recommend waiting 48 hours for the natural drying process to complete – this way, you can enjoy the best results. The price of the ceramic coating varies based on the vehicle size and its condition, as well as the coating package. However, in any case, a ceramic coating will save you time and money in the long-term as it makes your car easier to clean and maintain and once applied, you won’t have to bother with waxing it ever again!

✨ What is Spray Ceramics?

In addition, we also offer a special, fast-reacting state-of-the-art spray ceramics process. The water-based nanoparticle Si02 (silica sealant) spray-on and wipe in formula takes anywhere between 2 and 3 hours to apply and lasts for about 6 months if vehicle isn't garage kept. The highly refined compound builds a near-instant surface gloss and long-lasting protection when applied to the exterior of your vehicle. This helps prevent fine micro scratches. The spray ceramics process is suitable for exterior surfaces, as well as glass, rubber and plastics and produces an immediate anti-static result, making surfaces easy to clean.


The spray ceramics can be used on its own or as a booster to prolong Spray Ceramics can be used by itself and is also the perfect booster to maintain Ceramic base application. The cost for Spray Ceramics is typically half the cost of the Applicator process due to how easy to apply and less total protection.

👍 Ceramic Maintenance Care

Once your vehicle has been coated by Prime Time Mobile Detailing Ceramic Coating, you can simply continue to wash your car as usual, although you will not need to clean it as frequently you will never wax your car again! Our Ceramic Coating uses 9H technology that comes with a 5 year warranty or 10h Diamond is lifetime warranty and our Ceramic Spray comes with a 12 month warranty or 2 year warranty on our top coat. Our annual maintenance package includes washing the vehicle, clay bar, decontaminating and most important applying SIO2 Sport boost spray once a year.


For best exterior cleaning results, wash vehicle on a weekly basis to avoid excessive contamination build up, and avoid washing in direct sunlight to minimize streaking and water spotting. Always dry completely, and using quality microfiber towels for best results and avoid aggressive wiping, allowing the material to absorb the water. Or ask us about our Ceramic Coating After care product, that helps you keep your vehicle clean between the annual maintenance.

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