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Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Anyone who has ever upgraded from a car to a truck knows about the extra work it takes to wash it. Whether you need a step ladder to reach the top, special supplies, or an added investment of time, washing your truck can be a pain. Lucky for you, our team at Prime Time Mobile Detailing offers truck detailing in Raleigh, North Carolina. Whether you are at home, work or play, we come to you and take care of the details while you get on with your life.

No matter where you drive, here are 3 reasons you may need our truck detailing service:

Weather. If your truck has been exposed to excess sunlight, rain, or road salts, they can cause damage to the paint. Sunlight can cause the paint to oxidize, while road salts can not only melt snow, but also your paint job. Rain, on the other hand, carries sulfuric acid that can also be damaging to all surfaces it touches. Scheduling regular washes and details can help protect the paint and the valuable investment you have made in your truck.

Bugs. No matter the time of year, bugs are a part of everyday driving. What you may not realize is that leaving bugs on your car for extended periods of time and then having them exposed to the elements can cause significant damage to your paint.

Automatic Car Washes. We’ve all been guilty of driving through the carwash for convenience, to save time or whatever the reason. However, what we may not think about in those moments is the amount of harsh chemicals these places use, along with improperly filtered water, brushes that collect contaminants from one car and pass them on to another, etc.

In addition to washing your truck inside and out, we also offer truck detailing services, which include:

  • Cleaning the headliner

  • Cleaning seat belts and fixtures

  • Vacuuming and shampooing seats and carpets

  • Deep cleaning cup holders, dash, vents, and door panels

  • Cleaning windows inside and out

  • Applying a high-quality cream wax (or ask us about upgrading to a ceramic coating)Cleaning exhaust tips

  • Engine detailing

  • Cleaning the rims and tiresAnd more!

Call us today to take advantage of our mobile service and schedule your truck detailing!

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