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Auto Detailing Services. Anywhere in Raleigh, the Carolinas, or Virginia.

At Prime Time Mobile Detailing,  we keep your vehicles looking their best on YOUR schedule. Have a Car, a Boat, an RV or a Fleet of Vehicles in Raleigh, North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia? TRY US! You won't be disappointed with the results!

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Welcome to Prime Time Mobile Detailing

Mobile Detailing is for you if

• You often feel that your vehicle could use a deep clean (but you never have the time to do it yourself)

• You are constantly driving by the car wash (but don’t have the time to wait for hours while your car is cleaned)

Why choose Prime Time Mobile Detailing

At Prime Time Mobile Detailing, we can alleviate the problems you have with a dirty car and wasted time by providing professional on-location mobile car detailing that allows you to continue your routine without interruption. We are your professional mobile detailing experts in Raleigh, North Carolina (and the surrounding areas). We have experience detailing all kinds of vehicles, from luxury cars to business fleets and the neighborhood carpool vehicle. Our goal is to always provide fast, convenient, and affordable services that keep your cars, your RVs, and your boats looking their best inside and out.

The benefits of professional auto mobile detailing services

Professional mobile detailing services are a great choice for many people because it allows them to maintain their vehicle without the hassles of booking appointments during work or downtime. Are you at the office and need to give your boss a ride? No problem! Do you own a car dealership and need your vehicles attended to more regularly? We’ve got you covered!

Professional Detailing Tips

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Ceramic Coating, and other professional auto detailing tips?