Protect Your Paint
& Keep that Showroom Finish Longer!

We begin with a 7-Step Deep Refresh.

1.   Assess

A thorough inspection of vehicle exterior — surface, color, finish, and problem areas

2.   Hand Wash

Remove dirt and visible imperfections — contaminants, scratches, swirls, water spot spots, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, Insect Acids

3.   Clay Bar

Remove hard-to-see surface imperfections and micro contaminates

4.   Iron Remover

Remove iron build-up from breaking and other hard contaminates

5.   Alcohol Bath 1

Remove all existing waxes, finishes, and micro-particles down to paint layer

6.   Paint Correction

A multi-step process that gets your paint looking immaculate from front to back

7.   Alcohol Bath 2

Prepare all surfaces for that final Factory Fresh Finish

Then, you choose your level of protection.



I just want a little bit of gloss. Real quick. Real fast.

Spray Ceramic Coating Finish 1x

Single Layer Of Spray Ceramic Finish on:
✓ All exterior paint, headlights & plastic
✓ All Wheel Rim Faces
✓ Outside Windows

$250 — Cars
$300 — Suv's/Trucks/Vans

Quick Summary: The Bronze Spray Ceramic package is great for those looking to get their feet wet with paint protection. Spray Ceramic offers hydrophobicity, dirty will just fall off with water. Cleaning your car will become a breeze after getting our Spray ceramic coating. No more scrubbing!



A little gloss & color definition.

Top Coat Ceramic Coating 1x

Single Layer Of Ceramic Top Coat Finish on:
✓ All exterior paint, headlights & plastic
✓ All Wheel Rims Faces 
✓ Plastic Trim
✓ Outside Windows 

$400 — Cars
$500 — Suv's/Trucks/Vans

Quick Summary: Silver Top Coat Package is a great value for the money. It will enhance the hydrophobicity and will also add more color depth and shine to the paint. The super hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll off the surface along with any dirt and grime. Top Coat offers Weather & UV Resistance, High Gloss Finish, Advanced Chemical Resistance, Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant.



Glossy + Level One Scratch & Swirl Protection.

9H Ceramic Coating 1x

Single Layer Of 9H Ceramic Coating on:
✓ All exterior paint, headlights & plastic
✓ Wheel faces and rim Lip
✓ Plastic trim
✓ Outside Windows

$750 — Cars
$950 — Suv's/Trucks/Vans

Quick Summary: If you are looking to protect your investment with Ceramic Coating, the Gold Package is a great place to start. The Gold is 9H approved, What does that mean? 9H offers a permanent nanoceramic protective protection against minor scratches, swirls, graffiti, dirt, aging, premature oxidation, weathering, road salt, rock chips, bug acid, bird droppings and even acid rain. It does all that while still offering the same benefits of hydrophobic and color depth to your vehicle.



The #1 choice of Tesla owners.

9H Ceramic Coating 2x

Double Layer of 9H Ceramic Coating on:
✓ All exterior paint, headlights & plastic
✓ Top Coat Finish
✓ Wheel faces and rim Lip
✓ Plastic trim
✓ Outside Windows

$1,200 — Cars
$1,400 — Suv's/Trucks/Vans

Quick Summary: Platinum Package, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a little more protection, then try our two layers of Ceramic 9H to all painted exterior surfaces, trim. Then, we’ll add one layer of Top Coat to seal in the protective coating and give your car added shine. You will instantly see the benefits. Your paint will be glossy.



I want the best! #1 choice for New and Exotic vehicles.

9H Ceramic Coating 4X

4 Layers of 9H Ceramic Coating on:
✓ All exterior paint, headlights & plastic
✓ Wheels Off Coating & Calipers on all rims
✓ Plastic Trim
✓ Top Coat Finish
✓ Outside Windows

$2,000 — Cars
$2,500 — Suv's/Trucks/Vans

Quick Summary:  If you’re in the market to protect your paint for the life of your vehicle, then Diamond Ceramic Coating is perfect for you. All the same benefits of the gold package, but 4 layers of 9H equates to greater scratch protection. The most durable and heavy duty in paint protection which is applied on all painted exterior surfaces, trims. A great way to keep your car in pristine condition and protect its paint for a lifetime!

Finally, schedule your Yearly  Ceramic Boost!

Refresh your Ceramic Coating for only $150

Oh, and if you want your interior to look as good as your exterior, get this!


( 1 Year Protection )

Every surface inside the car will be coated
 Single coat of Leather
 Single coat of Textile
 Single Coat on Plastic trim
 Single Coat of Rubber


Ceramics Package

*Paint Correction service is an additional cost based on the condition of the vehicle past our recommended scratch and swirl removal. Any stage scratch or swirl remover may require polish for older vehicles for paint correction. Warranty available with annual maintenance package purchase which includes SIO2 Spray 1-time a year, failure to do maintenance plan will void warranty. All warranties are applicable only to the original owner and purchaser of a Ceramics Package.

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